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“Take the Leap: Plan Your Escape®” – Book Review from Well-Known Speaker & Travel Author – Nancy Mueller, Professional Speaker & Author, Work Worldwide: International Career Strategies for the Adventurous Job Seeker “In his practical and inspiring book Plan Your Escape®, economics professor and world traveler Wayne Dunlap has written a manifesto to show you a comprehensive approach from visioning your trip to planning, packing, minimizing security risks, spending an average of $100/day. I love a book with checklists and action steps to keep me on track, and I found plenty included here, including an extensive packing list and a step-by-step 5-month planning and preparation guide. But the beauty of his advice is that readers planning shorter trips will also walk away with useful tips for their journeys. Dunlap tackles the nagging questions, concerns or excuses that keep us from realizing our travel dreams. For example, have you wondered how you’re going to come up with the money to fund your wanderlust? Dunlap details exactly how they managed their costs both before and during their travels. Concerned about staying safe and healthy on the road? The author tackles that, too, by providing tips and tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing security risks far from home. Each chapter begins with a brief summary of the chapter contents with motivational and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout. As an added bonus, Dunlap includes travel advice from experienced travelers he and his wife have met along the way. It’s hard to argue with success. Dunlap and his wife have made their travel dreams come true by following the steps he shares with readers in Plan Your Escape®. His travel enthusiasm and encouragement to others who’d like to follow in his footsteps is evident.” —————————————————————————————————————————— “Finding Other Boomers Traveling & Writing About Their Voyages” – Book Review from Author and popular Boomer website – Doris Gallan, Author, The Boomers’ Guide To Going Abroad To Travel | Live | Give | Learn, and highly rated boomers’ travel website: Baby Boomers Traveling “It’s not often that we run into others who’ve chucked it all to travel the world and then wrote a book about it, just like we did, and so I have to introduce you to author Wayne Dunlap and wife and travel buddy Pat Dunlap. Wayne’s book, Plan Your Escape®, has a subtitle that attracted me, as it’s something I’d been communicating through my talks and readings: “Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home.” Anytime someone has lived a life that many only dream of and then writes a book to help others share in that same lifestyle, well, I just have to help promote it. And Wayne makes it so easy by providing a lot of information that will make newcomers to the world of travel more comfortable taking those first baby steps into adventure. The author starts by assuring readers that now is the time to get started rather than “waiting for someday” and writes eloquently about how travel can improve our lives. I like that he covers the benefits of traveling as well as those of living elsewhere as many Boomers consider this alternate lifestyle rather than taking a series of trips. Of course, much of the book deals with how traveling or living abroad can be cheaper than living at home and, having experienced this for myself for five years, I can vouch for it. The cost of accommodations and food is so much cheaper in much of the world. I’ll exclude Europe, Japan and high-end resort areas, that it’s possible to live for as little as 25 to 50 percent of what you spend at home. Wayne also gives instructions on finding travel bargains during the off season, how to negotiate with vendors, finding local deals, and using public transportation to save money. His other tips cover staying healthy and safe, packing light, paying bills while away, communications, photography, and being a good traveler. He even includes a step-by-step guide to prepare for your big adventure, a handy tool that might motivate dreamers to become doers.” ——————————————————————————————————————————- Book Review from Ariela Wilcox, President, The Wilcox Literary Agency “Over the last 15 years of my Literary Agency rarely have I seen an author give an audience the VALUE they receive in Wayne Dunlap’s book, PLAN YOUR ESCAPE™. From HIDDEN SECRETS the Travel Industry doesn’t want you to know to MONEY SAVING TIPS and even how to FALL in LOVE with your significant other again, PLAN YOUR ESCAPE® has it all!  Consumers will find websites and solid information to save time, money, and headaches. Those who always thought it would be too expensive to visit or live abroad for 2 weeks or more will be in for a BIG SURPRISE. Wayne lets the audience on more than a few secrets he and his wife discovered, including that it may be LESS EXPENSIVE to UNHOOK NOW from all the day to day drudge and RE-VITIALIZE your life by following in Wayne and Pat’s path! If you love to travel, love exploring other cultures, and want to be inspired to TAKE a CHANCE and really LIVE a full life… You MUST read Wayne Dunlap’s PLAN YOUR ESCAPE®, SECRETS OF TRAVELING THE WORLD FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF LIVING AT HOME.” ——————————————————————————————————————————- Book Review from Dana Lynn Smith, world travel and author of the Savvy Book Marketer Guides “What an inspiring book! Having traveled quite a bit, including a dozen trips to Europe, I consider myself a pretty experienced traveler. So I was surprised at the number of new ideas that I gained from this inspiring book. I have always dreamed of extended travel and this book is packed with practical advice for making it happen. I especially like the tips for dealing with your home and possessions while away for extended periods, and the money saving tips. The list of online resources is also very helpful. The chapter containing travel photography tips was an unexpected bonus and I’m anxious to try those out. I also enjoyed the stories in the appendix from other world travelers who expressed how travel has changed their outlook on life. One thing is for sure – reading this book will give you a serious case of wanderlust and an itch to get started planning your next adventure now!” ——————————————————————————————————————————- Buy this popular selling book now by clicking here: AuthorHouse,, or Barnes & Noble (also available as an e-book).