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World Travel GuideFrom a former Economics professor & experience traveler (100 countries), award-winning photojournalist/blogger, featured speaker at large travel shows, travel TV host (Plan Your Escape® TV), and columnist for the Huffington Post, the 5-star Plan Your Escape® has helped thousands of people travel and see more for half the cost for all trips from weekend getaways to longer vacations and trips, experience more adventure and romance with comprehensive planning tools & checklists, safely realize their travel dreams, and much more – see Book Reviews and 5-star Reader Reviews!

Available as paperback or as Ebook for $7.96 on Amazon or $8.35 as B&N Nook Book, Plan Your Escape® shatters common misconceptions about traveling the world revealing proven secrets the travel industry does not want you to know. From a former Economics professor and experienced world traveler, you will learn how to:

• Discover 100′s of cost-saving and bargain-finding strategies for all trips, even a weekend getaway, so powerful the authors were able to go travel for 2 years for less than $100/day for a couple, which they could never have afforded otherwise

• Get the best deals on airfare, hotels, cruises, tours, car rentals, restaurants, and more

• Choose the right destination for you and plan your trip

• Stay safe minimizing security risks far from home and tips and tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

• Save time and money with hidden secrets from 200 of the best Internet travel websites and phone apps

Fall in love all over again! – how to bring you closer to a partner and how to get a reluctant partner to go travel, also great tips for solo travelers

• How-to-pack with comprehensive checklists for women and men – pack light, have more, and still be prepared

• Reduce stress with step-by-step 5-month trip planning and preparation checklists and action steps

• Avoid travel scams

• Useful travel tips for experienced, occasional, and beginning travelers for any trip from a weekend getaway to longer vacations, trips, or living somewhere for awhile

• Handle money & credit cards, Stay in touch cheaply with friends and family, Pay your bills online, Rent your home, Set up a travel blog, Take photos like a pro, and much more


Plan Your Escape®, Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home is a popular-selling, groundbreaking, and comprehensive step-by-step “how-to-do-it” travel book essential for turning your travel dreams into reality. It shows you how traveling or living elsewhere can be safer, easier, and more affordable than you think. Plan Your Escape® gives you the practical resources, comprehensive planning tools & checklists, and cost-saving bargains missing in travel guide books.

The Dunlaps met scores of people along their world travel journeys who asked hundreds of questions. They realized many people dream of taking a traveling adventure but felt it would be too expensive with too many unknowns or didn’t know the best way how to pack or where to begin to make it actually happen. This detailed travel book combines real-life answers with countless hours of research from traveling experts. Plan Your Escape® addresses the concerns you may have as well as the ones you may yet be aware of.

The Dunlaps rented their home and traveled the world for the past 3 years and are members of the exclusive Travelers’ Century Club. In total they have visited 100 countries and island groups on 6 continents as well as 44 U.S. states. They have done home exchanges and taken 31 cruises on 14 different cruise lines on ships ranging from 10 to 3,000 passengers as well as over 100 trips together taking cars, trains, buses, organized tours, and independent travel round the world. Traveling is their passion! You can contact the Dunlaps to give inspirational and informative Plan Your Escape® travel speaking engagements for your organization about great travel tips, bargain-finding strategies, and interesting stories!

With these cost-saving tips and bargain-finding strategies worth 100’s of times the cost of this book, you can travel and see more for half the cost for your normal vacations and weekend getaways or stretch your typical holiday costs to cover a month or more of traveling. In many places in the world, you will learn how to go travel for less than a $100 a day for a couple!

The experienced traveler will learn at lot. For those occasional and beginning travelers, Plan Your Escape® shows you how to start out slow, choose the right trip for you, and work up to a longer trip or stay.  Plan Your Escape® is the travel-planning guide Americans need.

You deserve safely realize your travel dreams. Plan Your Escape Now!

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Don’t Wait for ‘Someday’
Why We Procrastinate – Inertia and Fear
Overcoming Fear of Travel
Turning Dreams and Goals into a Plan of Action

Chapter 2   Travel Can Improve Your Life
Renew Your Playful Spirit and Love of Life
Improve Your Health and Creativity
Have an Adventure
Letting Go – A Reevaluation of What is Important
A New Perspective of What is Important to Enrich Your Life
A New Start

Chapter 3   Additional Benefits of Travel or Living Away Somewhere
A Transition To Your Next Phase of Life
Chance to Slow Down and Discover New Experiences
Live Your Dream
A Better Mid-Life Crisis
Chance to Volunteer and Contribute
Learn Better Ways to Live Your Life and Give It More Meaning

Chapter 4   Traveling the World Can Cost Less Than Living at Home
Travel on Less Than $100 a Day for a Couple
Eliminate a Large Amount of Expenses from Your Normal Life
Other Priceless Returns on Your Travel Investment

Chapter 5   What to Do with Your House and Possessions
Renting Your House
Home Exchange and House Sitting

Chapter 6   How Planning Can Enhance Your Experience
Deciding Where to Go
Doing Your Homework is Fun
Organized Tours vs. Independent Travel On Your Own
Making a Commitment

Chapter 7   Finding Great Travel Bargains
Big Savings Traveling During Off Season
Follow the Disaster
Last Minute Travel
First Learn to Recognize a Good Price
Online Bounce Back Offers
Online Auctions
How to Save on Flight Costs
Spending Less for Lodging
Save Money on Meals and Enjoy Local Experiences
Save Money While Seeing the World on Cruises
Finding Bargains on Car Rentals
Public Transportation
Local Deals and Other Tips to Save

Chapter 8   Being a Friendly Traveler and Good Travel Partner
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!
Being a Friendly Traveler Will Make Your Experience Better
How to Be a Good Travel Partner and Bring You Closer Together
How to Ease Your Partner into Loving to Travel with You

Chapter 9   Paying Your Bills While You Are Away
Paying Your Bills Automatically While Traveling
Eliminate Junk Mail

Chapter 10   Security – Staying Safe on the Road
Travel Insurance
Avoid Becoming a Target
Keeping Your Money and Important Items Safe

Chapter 11   Staying Healthy
Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Habits While Traveling

Chapter 12   Money and Credit Cards
ATM Debit Cards
Credit Cards
Contact Your Bank Before Leaving
Why Taking U.S. Cash Is Necessary
Traveler’s Checks
Getting the Best Exchange Rate
Doing the Conversion Math in Your Head

Chapter 13   How To Pack Lighter and Still Be Prepared
Leaving It Behind
Choice of Suitcase
Security Tips for Your Luggage
Travel Gear and Accessories
Travel Documents and Money
How to Make Your Travel Wardrobe Work for You
Suggested Travel Wardrobe (Women’s and Men’s) – Take Less and Have More
Important Packing Tips to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Chapter 14   Keep Your Clothes Clean And Fresh
Laundry Options
Easy Procedure for Washing Your Clothes
Other Clothing Maintenance Tips

Chapter 15   Staying in Touch with Family and Friends
Ways to Save Money Staying Connected by Phone
Talk Cheaply with Skype
E-mail and Social Networking
Bringing Your Computer Laptop or Tablet/Netbook Along
Blogging Made Easy

Chapter 16   Take Travel Photos Like a Pro
Choice of Camera
Using Your Camera’s Pre-programmed Modes to Get Better Photos
How to Use a Histogram to Improve Your Photos
Using Basic Composition Rules to Make Sensational Photos
Best Lighting Secrets Revealed
Taking Great Photos in Low Light Situations
Taking Memorable Photos of People
How to Care for Your Camera and Photo Accessories
Organizing and Editing Your Photos
Sharing Your Photos – Sending Large Numbers of Photos
How to Get Started Taking More Memorable Photos

Chapter 17   Getting Started on Your Travel Adventure  – A Step-by-Step Guide
Transform Your Dreams into an Action Plan
Five-Month Planning and Preparation Guideline

Chapter 18   See You on the Road

Appendix A. Travel Advice From Experienced Travelers Who Have Traveled the World and Changed Their Lives

Appendix B. Sample Travel Card

Appendix C. Measurement Conversions
Some Easy Ways to Convert from Metric
Temperature Conversion Table – Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

Appendix D. Recommended Reading

Appendix E. Contacts and Resources – Helpful Travel Websites and Apps

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